Pregnancy can be very hard on your entire body. One problem that many mothers experience is problems with their teeth. During the pregnancy, hormone levels change and the baby can actually begin absorbing some of the nutrients that a mother needs to keep her teeth and gums healthy and strong. If you are one of the many unfortunate mothers that must have a tooth or two extracted after the baby is born, you may be worried about doing so while nursing your precious little bundle. This article will help you find the answers to some of the questions you may have about getting teeth extracted while breastfeeding:

Is it safe to have dental extractions while breastfeeding?

Yes. If your dentist has recommended that you have a tooth extracted, there is good reason for it. In many cases, the dentist wants the tooth removed because it has an infection growing in it. The infection is far worse for you and your nursing baby than any dental procedure that is necessary to remove it.

Are antibiotics safe while nursing?

Yes. Your dentist will most likely prescribe an antibiotic to take during the days following the dental extraction. This antibiotic is meant to decrease the likelihood of an infection worsening and spreading to neighboring teeth.

Are pain relievers safe to take after the extraction?

Yes. Most dentists will prescribe ibuprofen to be taken in the days following the extraction. The ibuprofen is effective in controlling the swelling, inflammation and pain and is harmless to your nursing baby. Most dentists will avoid prescribing strong narcotics to any pregnant or nursing mother because the drugs are carried through the milk to the baby.

Can you avoid dental extractions while nursing?

There is honestly no reason to put off getting your tooth extracted while nursing your baby. There is little to be concerned about, so putting it off is just prolonging the pain and can lead to an uncontrollable infection that causes your face to swell excessively.

If you are still concerned about having a dental extraction while nursing your baby, discuss the situation with your dentist, the pediatrician and your nursing counselor. Getting information from the entire team caring for you and your little one can give you peace of mind and help you gain the confidence to make the decision that is not only the best for you, but is also best for your precious baby.

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