Smiling may appear to be just an involuntary reaction to something amusing, however, it means much more than that. Smiling makes you feel optimistic and decreases anxiety levels. It could also put the people near you in a good mood. If you have a less than perfect smile due to missing teeth, you may feel too self-conscious to smile. However, since the followings shows smiling benefits, you may want to rethink how implants could improve your smile.

Smiling is Infectious

When you see someone smiling, you want to smile too. That's just it. Smiles are infectious. Think of it like an involuntary chain reaction of the face. Even when the chips are down, when you smile other people will likely imitate your smile. You wouldn't want a little self-consciousness to stop your smiling reflexes in their tracks do you?

Smiling Lowers Tension

It is hard to keep smiling in stressful scenarios. However, doing that could yield health benefits. Smiling reduces the symptoms of stress. Next time you are feeling a bit stressed out, try to smile to calm yourself down. Sure, you could do this when you are alone. No one will notice your missing teeth. However, you should remember that stressful situations could happen in public; at work, for example.

Releases Endorphins

Smiling will help you to deal with tension. It releases endorphins, substances that make you happy. They are the exact same substances that you get from exercising or jogging, resulting in what's called a runner's high. So if you are in a bad mood, try smiling to turn that mood around. With dental implants enhancing your smile, you will be able to do this anytime the mood strikes.

A Smile Helps You Make Friends

Start smiling if you would like to make friends. Others tend to be more ready to participate socially with someone, who is smiling. A smile makes your face look inviting and tells folks you're inclined to befriend and socialize with them. This makes sense especially if you think about the converse. Would you like to make friend with someone with a dour expression? This is probably where your self-consciousness from missing teeth will have the most effect. Since a few missing teeth could stop you from making friends, new business contacts, and possibly new romantic interests, you should work on getting them remedied.

You Will Appear Trustworthy

Do you want to enhance your credibility? Just flash a smile. It's that simple. Trusting does not come readily to many, especially when meeting new people. However, smiling helps things along. If you have missing teeth, dental implants will enhance your trustworthy rating by improving your smile.  

If you ever find yourself in a difficult position, you know exactly what to do. Smile. It has many benefits and it really does not take much effort. Even when you are not feeling particularly cheery, faking a smile could also provide you with benefits. A few missing teeth should not stop you from missing all of the benefits that a smile could provide. Dental implants, from places like Michels & Gauquie Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, will fix that.