Cleaning around your dental bridge is critical if you want to prevent the build up of decay and onset of cavities. However, it can be challenging to floss around a dental bridge. Luckily, there are substitutions and tricks that can make this task easier. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Use an interproximal brush

An interproximal brush is like a toothbrush -- it features a stiff plastic handle and a head with bristles on it. However, instead of the shape of most conventional toothbrush heads, an interproximal brush head features a thin cylindrical design, and it is made for brushing your interproximal or between-the-teeth areas.

As these brushes are not disposable like pieces of floss, take care to rinse them thoroughly so they do not harbor bacteria and reintroduce it into your mouth.

2. Carry toothpicks

Ideally, you should floss or do the rough equivalent of flossing around your bridge after every meal or snack. However, it isn't always possible to slip into a private area so that you can floss.

If you prefer not to floss your bridge in public, carry toothpicks. There are both wood and soft plastic toothpicks on the market, and in most cases, it is totally fine to use these tools in public.

3. Check out flossing holders

If you prefer to use floss rather than special brushes, check out flossing holders. There are flossing threads which are essentially a stiff piece of thread with a loop for the floss at the top. You can thread the floss through the loop and pull it through your bridge.  This makes flossing much easier. 

There are also flossing forks which are plastic forked holders with a line of floss stretched between their two tines. Flossing holders give you more stability than just holding a bit of floss, and as a result, many people find them easier to get in between the tight areas around dental bridges.

4. Modify flossing tools with pencils and tennis balls

If you struggle to floss the areas around your dental bridge because you lack the manual dexterity to hold either floss or relatively small and delicate floss holders, modify your floss holders. Simply duct tape a large handle to a floss fork or flossing thread. Use a very small piece of dowel from a craft store or even an unsharpened pencil to make your handle.

If that it is still too small to hold, cut a slit in a tennis ball, and stick the new larger handle into that. Then, hold onto the tennis ball as you floss.

5. Pick your teeth with water

If none of the flossing ideas presented above help you, consider picking your teeth with water. You can buy water flossers that shoot water in between your teeth and in the areas around your dental bridge. These area easy to use and typically feature large handles.

For more information about caring for your dental bridge, contact a dentist like those at Rose City Dental Care.