Most beverages that can be purchased at the store are full of added sugars. With a 2015 study revealing that roughly 184,000 adults die every year around the world due to the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks, it is more important now than ever to eliminate sugar from your diet as well as your child's. It isn't only for the teeth anymore, as it is now important for your body as well. Here are three beverages that you and your children will enjoy that won't wreak havoc on your oral health or your overall health:

1. Iced Fruit Punch

This is a refreshing, fun beverage that is tooth-friendly for your kids. Because this drink utilizes cool-shaped ice tray molds and tasty fruit juice, your kids will love helping to make these beverages and drink them. To create this beverage, you will want to fill ice trays with sugar-free juices of your choice. You can choose one juice or several complimentary juices. Once the ice cubes are frozen completely, you can fill a glass with them about half-way and add one-quarter cup of seltzer water as well as one-quarter cup of ginger ale. If you aren't keen on the seltzer water or ginger ale, you can use sparkling water, regular ice and fresh fruit.

2. Banana Split Smoothie

This is a wonderful after-school snack that will fill your children's tummies so that they won't "starve" before dinnertime. Plus, they're incredibly easy and fast to make. You need one banana (frozen), two cups of strawberries (also frozen), one cup of low-fat chocolate milk and three-quarters of a cup of Greek yogurt (plain). Blend together to create a great-tasting smoothie for the entire family. If you'd like, you can substitute the milk with coconut water and cacao powder.

3. Fresh Ginger Ale from Scratch

For this all-natural, sugar-free beverage that is made from scratch, you will need to slice a couple of cups of fresh ginger root. Add the ginger to several cups of water and bring to a boil. Cover and allow the concoction to simmer for about one hour. Next, you'll uncover it and allow it to continue simmering for about 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and add two tablespoons each of honey and freshly-squeezed lemon juice. Allow it to cool and you will now have fresh, all-natural ginger extract. To create the ginger ale, you'll want to add a few cubes of ice to a glass, along with one-quarter cup of your ginger extract. You'll then top it off with sparking water.  

These are all great ideas to make on your own with your children at home as any day activity. They also make excellent beverages to make with your children and their friends during a sleepover or even for your child's birthday party. By reducing or eliminating sugar in your child's diet, you will significantly reduce your child's risk of developing unwanted cavities. Just make sure to maintain regular dental check-ups with your pediatric dentist like one from Children's Dental Center Of Central Iowa PLC to catch any potential problems early on.