Even though implants are considered a huge advancement in dentistry, the recovery time can be quite long for those that get them. It may take up to 4 months for the jawbone to heal, which is necessary before the crowns can be attached to the posts that are inserted into the jaw. Everyone will heal from the surgery at a different rate, but you do have some control over it. Consider these tips for speeding up how fast you will heal, which will allow you to start using those new implants sooner.

Avoid Activities That Will Jar The Mouth

It's common for patients to want to immediately start up their normal routine after the pain subsides from the initial surgery. They often forget that their body needs time to heal, and they cannot jump right into the same activities they used to do.

Many patients have difficulties when it comes to altering their exercise routine. Activities that are high impact, like running, can jar your jaw and cause swelling and pain to increase. If you are a runner, you need to switch to an exercise that is low-impact, like biking, until your dentist tells you that your new implants have completely healed. Ignoring this advice may cause the healing process to take longer than anticipated.

Sip on Fruit Smoothies

Vegetables and fruit are wonderful healing foods. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to eat while recovering from dental implant surgery. You can puree your vegetables and fruits, which will make them easy to consume in smoothie form. Combining banana, pitted cherries, watercress, and kiwi with some orange juice will create a delicious and vitamin-rich smoothie with healing powers.

In additional, sipping on a cold smoothie can ease inflammation and pain, which will speed up your healing even more.

Do Yoga

Yoga does a great job at increasing blood circulation, which will bring much needed nutrients to areas that are healing, while carrying away the toxins. Yoga will also reduce your stress levels in a way that will speed up healing. You can start doing yoga 3 days after your surgery, as long as it is a gentle routine that keeps your head above your heart during the first week.

Looking for more tips to speed up how fast you heal? Speak with your dentist about it. You will be checking in with them during the recovery process, and they have a wealth of knowledge about how recovery should go based on previous experience with patients. 

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