If you sip on coffee all day long to keep you going, your teeth may be affected by it. Coffee contains pigments that get into the tiny ridges of your enamel and build up to create stains. If you confine coffee drinking to the morning and brush your teeth after you drink it, you're at less risk of developing stains than if you sip on coffee throughout the day. If you don't want to give up coffee or change your drinking habits, then you may want to consider getting treatments from your dentist that keep your teeth white and bright. Laser whitening is one option that is quick and convenient. Here's how it works for removing coffee stains and other discolorations on your teeth.

Results In One Session

The advantage to undergoing laser teeth whitening is that you get quick results. In fact, your teeth may be up to ten shades whiter after a single treatment. If your teeth are heavily stained, you may need more than one treatment to achieve the results you want. However, you'll see a noticeable improvement after your first treatment, which is important if you want whiter teeth for an important event where you want to look your best.

The Laser Activates The Bleaching Gel

Although your dentist uses a laser to whiten your teeth, it isn't actually the laser that does the job by itself. The dentist still uses bleaching gel. This is the same type of gel used in home bleaching kits, except it is much stronger. Once the gel is applied, the dentist shines the laser light on your teeth to activate the gel even more. This makes the bleaching process much more effective. That's how you can get results in a single visit rather than having to use bleaching gel over a period of weeks or months.

Laser Teeth Whitening Is Safe

While home bleaching kits may be effective if you use them consistently for long periods, there is a risk of gum irritation from the bleaching chemicals. That's why weak chemicals are used in home kits. Weaker chemicals are also the reason that it takes so long to get results. Even though the gel used by your dentist is much stronger, it is actually safer to use. For one thing, the process is supervised by your dentist. For another, your dentist uses several safety precautions. Your lips and gums are covered to prevent contact with the gel, and your eyes are covered to protect them from the laser light.

Laser whitening can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth. However, the treatment causes temporary changes in the enamel of your teeth that makes them susceptible to staining right after the treatment. You'll probably have to go for a day or two without drinking coffee and eating other acidic foods that can stain your teeth. While you won't have to go without coffee for very long, keep in mind, the whitening treatments can't keep stains from coming back. To keep your teeth as white as possible, you'll want to brush your teeth often and have them cleaned by your dentist's office on a regular schedule.

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