Your mouth is on constant guard against all kinds of dangerous bacteria that seek to destroy your lovely smile. But you can do something about it by consuming raw, natural juices that might help maintain your oral health. The following guide will show how raw juices might protect your oral health.

Why Are These Juices Good For Your Oral Health?

The first thing that you should know is why these juices will be helpful; this deals with the particular fruit that you will be using:


One of the fruits that you want to juice is pomegranate because it contains several antibacterial ingredients like flavonoids and polyphenols. A study showed that some of these ingredients help give saliva a bacteria-killing boost. The ability that bacteria have to cling to your teeth or damage your gums will be severely reduced by simply introducing some pomegranate into the mouth.


Another fruit that you should consider juicing is grapefruit. The reason you want this fruit in your diet is because it contains a large amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C should help your body repair damage like the bacterial damage that might be done to your gums. Studies actually showed that people with gingivitis saw less bleeding by consuming more grapefruit. Vitamin C is also vital for the formation of collagen, which is the main component in gums, making them strong enough to fend off bacteria.


The last fruit that you should juice is apples because they contain an active ingredient called malic acid. This ingredient helps stimulate saliva production when it enters your mouth. This is important because saliva contains a lot of enzymes that help kill oral pathogens and re strengthens your teeth's coating as well. The coating is usually referred as the enamel, which helps fend off any cavity-causing bacteria trying to attach themselves to your teeth.

Make The Drinks Last

You probably noticed that these drinks will require a lot of fruit and don't last very long. You should consider adding 1/4 of water for every cup of juice. Just make sure that the water has a high pH value, like living water (also called raw water or spring water) because you will be neutralizing the pH balance in your mouth. This is important because a low pH value means that oral pathogens will be able to procreate easier, yet this type of water can help stop that. 

You can add coconut sugar or raw honey if you think the drink is not sweet enough after you dilute it. These sweeteners are natural and unrefined that will not harm your oral health. 

Remember that these fruits are only meant to help protect your teeth from bacteria, meaning that they are not meant to cure any dental ailment that you may have. So do not neglect your regular dental visits with doctors like Simmons Craig A D D S.