Orthognathic surgery is a form of jaw surgery that involves rearranging the jaw bones in your mouth. As a result, you will most likely experience some level of pain after the surgery is complete. This pain will mostly likely feel like an ear ache. This is due to the fact that the new position of your jaw is putting pressure on your jaw area. Once your mouth and jaw adapt to the new position, the pain will slowly reduce by itself. Until this happens, there are a few tips that you can use in order to give you some kind of relief from this jaw joint pain.

Rinse with an Analgesic Mouthwash During the Day

Jaw joint pain will often persist for a few weeks after the surgery is complete. In order to help lessen this pain, you can rinse your mouth with an analgesic mouthwash throughout the day. An analgesic mouthwash can be created by using cloves and chamomile. Both cloves and chamomile contain analgesic properties that are used as natural pain relievers. Your own simple mouthwash can be made by steeping a handful of cloves and chamomile in a pot of hot water. Allow the mixture to steep for several hours, then use the mouthwash after your meals. This mouthwash will also help to kill off bacteria. If you still have trouble moving your jaw, then you can use your head to move the mouthwash around every corner of your mouth.

Use an Ice Pack to Numb the Pain

Ice packs are great natural pain relievers that can be used immediately after your orthognathic operation as well as weeks later. The cold temperature in the ice pack helps to slow the flow of blood to the areas around your jaw. This helps to reduce inflammation and will result in a numbing feeling. Once the ice melts, you should reapply a new pack in order to keep the pain away. You can create a quick ice pack at home by wrapping a handful of ice blocks in plastic wrap. Wrap the plastic around the ice several times to ensure that it does not fall out. In order to make sure that the ice is not pressed up against your skin, you can also wrap a cloth around the pack.

Time is the best way to permanently get rid of jaw pain after your operation. However, use these tips and talk to a dentist like those at Wallington Dental to help you deal with the pain in the meantime.