Tooth-enamel damage is a dangerous problem because it can lead to tooth decay and other dental-health problems that could put you at risk for more serious concerns. Few people realize how light blows to the head can actually contribute to the decay of tooth enamel. Please note that this isn't a discussion of how an impact can cause your teeth to clench and wear off enamel. Instead, it's a look at the domino-like effect that a head impact can have on your enamel.

Damage to the Head Can Cause Nerve Injury

First of all, a blow to the head can cause serious problems, including brain damage and other serious injuries. However, even a minor blow that causes no major obvious injury can contribute to minor nerve injuries. Even knocking your head or neck against the wall could cause a pinched nerve that could be painful.

Even if the nerve doesn't suffer from any pain, it could start malfunctioning or operating improperly. One of the side effects rarely discussed is the way nerve injury can make your mouth dry. People rarely note this connection because it seems so tenuous, but as will be discussed below, it's not.

Nerve Injury Can Make Your Mouth Dry

So how does nerve injury cause your mouth to get dry? Nerve injury interrupts the flow of neurons from your brain to your mouth. Injured nerves may operate improperly and cause problems with the function of various parts of your body. So beyond causing pain, eye problems, and other concerns, there is an issue with dry mouth.

Dry mouth occurs when the saliva glands in your mouth operate poorly and leave your mouth rather like a desert. This might not seem like a major problem to many people. Wouldn't drinking a glass of water help with this problem? Not while you're sleeping, which is where most of the damage is likely being done.

Dry Mouth Causes Tooth-Enamel Damage

A dry mouth is one of the most common causes of tooth-enamel damage. The problem here is that saliva production helps prevent the formation of plaque on your teeth. It also provides a comforting layer and protection for your teeth when you are chewing or biting items. Without saliva, your enamel is somewhat defenseless and will quickly get destroyed.

What can you do to protect yourself against this problem? Always wear head protection when competing in any high-impact sport. You should also brush your teeth regularly and visit a dentist often. These simple steps can help keep your damaged nerves from causing dry mouth and tooth decay.