There are a lot of areas of dental care you should learn about in order to know that you are giving your teeth a fair shot at being as healthy and strong as they can be. Also, there are cosmetic areas of concern that you should become educated on. Many of these areas intertwine meaning that healthy teeth tend to look better, but there are some things you can do simply for the look of your teeth. This article will introduce you to different dental issues and some of the things that can be done about them.

Your teeth can get stained from lifestyle choices

No one's teeth stay as white as they can be simply because there are so many things that can lead to staining. However, the way some people choose to live can definitely cause their teeth to stain more severely and faster than other peoples.

Some of the things that can quickly lead to stained teeth including using nicotine products, drinking energy drinks, drinking coffee and teas, drinking red wine, eating foods colored with food coloring, eating red pasta sauces, eating soy sauce, not brushing your teeth regularly and not flossing after meals.

You can turn to store-bought whitening treatments, but they can be confusing to use, they can take quite a while to give you the desired results, and they may give you white spots that are unbecoming. You can go to the dental office for their professional grade whitening treatments which will be chosen for your exact needs and will work better and faster. You also get the benefit of having them do the treatments so you don't have to fumble through them.

You can get gap between your teeth for different reasons

Your teeth can come in with gaps in them or they can come in normal and things can happen that can lead to them having gaps. An example of something that can happen is you may never end up getting in your wisdom teeth as an adult and over time your teeth can slowly spread apart. Another thing that can happen is you may have had a molar pulled in your past and chose not to replace it. This empty space allows your teeth to spread apart over time and lead to those gaps.

A simple way to close in spaces between teeth is to have the dentist add on to specific teeth with a perfectly matched bonding material and hand craft it so it looks like your natural teeth are spaced correctly.

You can also go with porcelain veneers which will be created to fit over your prepared teeth to fill in spaces. These veneers can also create a whiter smile if they are put on all your teeth and in a whiter shade than your real teeth.

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