One of the most important tools for your tooth care is your tooth brush. This is why it's surprising just how many people put such little thought into choosing the right tooth brush and how little they do to make sure they care for it properly. Especially since these things don't take a lot of effort. One of the reasons so many people don't put more effort into these things is because they aren't educated on what they should be doing.

Choose the right type of tooth brush

Most people tend to use a regular tooth brush, while others make use of an electric tooth brush. There are a lot of benefits to using an electric tooth brush, so you should consider trying this type for your own dental care. They do a much better job of cleaning your teeth and they do it with very little effort on your part. However, if you would still rather use a regular tooth brush then you want to choose the best on for your needs. It should have a medium size head, soft bristles and a curve to it that helps you reach those back teeth.

Know when to replace your tooth brush

As soon as you start to notice the bristles on your tooth brush looking a bit frayed it's a good idea to get yourself a new one. Also, you should throw out your current tooth brush when you come to the end of an illness so you don't take the chance of getting yourself sick all over again. Otherwise, you can normally replace your tooth brush about every three to four months.

Keep your tooth brush nice and clean

Where you choose to store your tooth brush is important. You don't want to leave it just sitting on the bathroom counter because it can get filthy and very germy there. In fact, if you leave the toothbrush on the bathroom counter then it is more than likely going to even get feces on it. You also don't want to cover it because this will keep it moist and lead to bacteria growth. Store it in an upright position in a dry area outside of your bathroom.  


Using the right tooth brush and caring for it correctly is a great start to making sure you are properly taking care of your teeth. However, there is still so much more you want to make sure you do. You want to floss, use mouth wash, have your teeth examined by your dentist according to their recommended schedule and avoid things that put them at risk. If you need a dental cleaning, a tooth extraction, or a cosmetic dental consultation, contact a dentist in your area.