Many times, the ideal time for your child to improve the appearance of their smile is during their teens. Most teens will commonly do this with the help of conventional braces. However, Invisalign for teens is starting to make a breakthrough. Here's what you should know about it as a parent:

It's Just as Effective:

Invisalign can be just as effective as conventional braces so long as your child is following the steps to making it successful. This includes wearing them at all times except while eating, getting them tightened on a consistent basis, and keeping them clean. Many parent's don't realize how they can work just as well as conventional braces and take the same amount of time to have the same outcome. Knowing this can make you more open to choosing this option for your teen. 

It's More Practical:

Your teen may be fighting you on getting braces, which is common since having braces can definitely alter their appearance for some time. Fortunately, with the help of Invisalign, your teen won't have to worry about this and will most likely be more willing to go through with the Invisalign treatment. Besides, being able to take the Invisalign out at certain points can definitely help improve confidence. For example, if they have to make a presentation at school for something, they can take the Invisalign out so that they are able to speak with their normal speech and without any distractions. 

It Takes Work:

To ensure that your teen is getting the most out of the Invisalign treatment, it's going to take some work on your part. This means ensuring that they are wearing them pretty much all of the time. You should also be taking your teen to all of their dental appointments to ensure that treatment is progressing. Your teen's dentist will likely be able to tell whether or not the progress is where it should be. If not, then you can consider going to conventional braces. If your teen knows that might be the outcome, then they may be more willing to comply with the Invisalign process. 

When you know these facts about Invisalign for teens, you can be sure that you understand your own role in the process and what your teen needs to do in order to have the same outcome as conventional braces. This way, you and your teen are both going into the process aware of the benefits and effort required, which is important.