Taking care of your teeth is a huge deal when it comes to keeping yourself healthy overall. Having good teeth can be the inspiration to eat healthily and keep yourself in shape. Sometimes, along with keeping your teeth healthy, you also want to make your teeth look aesthetically pleasing. Composite resin works similar to veneers and is a good way to cover your teeth and have them look as perfect as possible. Here are three reasons to get a new smile with composite resin veneers along with your tooth filling appointment. 

The resin covers your teeth for protection

Composite resin is made of a similar material to what is used in filling cavity holes in teeth. This means that you can easily have the composite resin veneers performed in a dental office. First, be sure that your dentist performs the filling process. Cleaning out the cavity will be crucial to making sure that your teeth do not have any problems later and that the dentist does not have to disrupt the composite placed on top of the teeth. Once the filling process is performed on all teeth, have the resin veneers completed. 

Soft teeth can be protected

If you have teeth that tend to easily get cavities, you may find yourself needing fillings often. This can become a tiresome and expensive process. If you choose to get composite veneers installed, you will have a harder enamel on the exterior of your teeth. This will make it more difficult to get cavities, which will keep your teeth healthy. The resin placed over your teeth can also help with other aesthetic issues, including protecting teeth from breaking and filling in gaps in the teeth without needing braces. Soft teeth being protected will take care of your health as you age and your teeth become more vulnerable. 

Composite veneers are cheaper

Composite veneers can be changed quickly. Porcelain veneers last for over a decade, yet they are also time-consuming to remove if you need to make changes to your mouth structure. Composite veneers are easier to remove and change when necessary. If you wish to save money and you see yourself having structural changes to your teeth within a few years' time, you can have composite veneers placed on with no worries. This service can be completed along with your other dental work in one sitting, and you will be able to leave your dentist office with your brand-new smile. 

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