After dealing with oral decay, stains, or other issues with your teeth, veneers may seem like a bright solution to any dental woes. Because the base of the veneer is drilled directly into your jaw, you can feel confident about its strength and functionality. However, you can still ruin them. It's your responsibility to keep them free from stains and breakage. It's also vital to keep your gums and remaining teeth undamaged. How?

Stay Serious About Mouth Care

Veneers don't give you permission to ignore the rest of your mouth. In fact, your lack of oral care might have been the reason that your teeth had to be removed before putting in veneers, for example. You need to be seriously focused on caring for not only your veneers but your remaining teeth and gums. Gum disease is still possible, and with no action, gum disease could affect the jaw and your veneers. You should also focus on flossing the areas between veneers and natural teeth; if bacteria takes hold there, an infection could set in.

Use Straws

Straws should be carried about and used whenever you're able to have them. Those thin tubes will keep liquids from traveling all over the mouth and staining your pretty veneers. If you're a person who just can't--or won't--shake coffee, straws might be the best way for you to continue your habit without affecting your teeth or veneers.

Avoid Peroxide and/or Baking Soda

Peroxide, baking soda, and other whiteners might have worked well on natural teeth, and you may be about to continue using them. However, because veneers are made of porcelain or similar hard materials, baking soda and peroxide, in particular, can slowly wear down the coating on them. Your dentist can provide samples of appropriate cleaning products. They can also recommend kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Don't Misuse the Veneers

Try not to be fooled into thinking that the veneers are so strong that they can't break or sustain damage. Using veneers to open packages or chew ice isn't good for them; in rare cases, they could indeed crack or chip over time. Be careful.

See Your Dentist

Regular appointments will allow the dentist time to look around and evaluate the gums beneath your veneers. They'll look at the veneers and other teeth. Problems are addressed early this way.

Thinking about the future with your veneers and utilizing suggestions like these protect veneers is wise. Keep smiling and discuss oral health with your cosmetic dentist often.