Cosmetic dental problems can cause a person to experience considerable self-confidence issues when they smile. Protecting your smile from these issues will require you to take an active role as the effects of aging and poor dental hygiene practices can greatly increase the chances of developing noticeable cosmetic dental problems.

Stain Prevention And Removal

Staining is one of the most common issues that people will experience with their smiles. When a person suffers significant staining on their teeth, they may feel uncomfortable smiling due to the appearance of their teeth being dull and yellow. Being mindful to brush or rinse your mouth after drinking or eating foods that have a lot of pigment can help to lessen the formation of stains. However, if your teeth have already suffered extensive staining, you might benefit from undergoing a thorough and professional whitening treatment. A cosmetic dentist can use advanced whitening techniques to help restore your teeth to their natural color. Depending on the severity of the staining, this may even involve the use of laser whitening systems to break down stains that have formed deep below the enamel of the teeth.

Effective Gum Care

The health and condition of your teeth is not the only factor that will influence the quality of your smile. Your gums will also need to be maintained if you are to avoid some significant dental health and cosmetic problems. Unfortunately, people often fail to fully appreciate the type of care that their gums require, and this can increase the risk of them neglecting this part of dental care. Poor gum care can lead to the gumline receding further down the tooth, which can directly impact the appearance of a person's smile. Additionally, it can increase the risk of damage occurring to the teeth as a result of gum disease. When you are brushing your teeth, the gum line should also be thoroughly cleaned to remove plaque and tartar that is developing on it.

Straightening Treatments

Many individuals will experience alignment issues with their teeth. These can be extremely noticeable problems that will greatly impact a person's smile. For a person that has dental alignment issues, there are several options available for straightening them. Dental retainers can be used to gradually shift the position of the teeth. While these treatments will be as effective as braces, they will be a more discrete solution, and they will have the additional benefit of being removable for when a person is needing to have their picture taken or at other times when they may not want to be seen wearing the retainer. 

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