Digging in to a bowl of ice cream or a plate of chocolate cake for dessert certainly sounds appetizing, but you might be regretting this decision when you visit the dentist for your next checkup. Foods that are high in sugar can increase your risk of cavities; the sugar will sit on your teeth after dessert and can eat into the enamel before you brush your teeth before bed. A better choice is to focus on desserts that can actually keep your teeth healthy. At first glance, these three fruits might not have the initial appeal of ice cream or cake, but you won't regret eating them when you visit a family dentistry clinic.


Sure, you might not exactly view an apple as an ideal dessert, but you might change your mind after hearing these facts. The acidic quality in apples, coupled with the abrasive nature of the skin, can actually make this fruit scrub your teeth clean while you chew. It's these benefits that often have people calling apples "nature's toothbrush." The scrubbing action can also help to whiten teeth that are stained. It's important to remember that because chewing an apple will scrub bacteria and plaque off your teeth, you should always drink some water afterward to wash these substances away.


A big bowl of fresh strawberries is a healthy treat to enjoy for dessert, but don't make the mistake of adding sugar-laden ice cream to the bowl. On their own strawberries can prove a valuable asset in your quest for healthy teeth. Strawberries are loaded with polyphenols, a compound that helps to fight against the bacteria that build up in your mouth. As such, eating strawberries will help to reduce your likelihood of cavities, tooth decay and even gum disease. This fruit also has a mild acidic quality, like apples, that can help to whiten your teeth if they're stained.


A tart grapefruit is often considered a breakfast food, but this citrus fruit packs a potent punch that makes it healthy to enjoy as a dessert. Grapefruits are a significant source of vitamin C, which can promote healthier gums. If you've noticed that your gums bleed, for example, making grapefruits a part of your diet can result in less bleeding, as the vitamin C will kill the bacteria that are causing the issue. If you're not particularly partial to the taste of grapefruit, try oranges, which are also high in vitamin C. Grapefruit does have a high acid content, which can be damaging to the enamel on your teeth, so always remember to brush your teeth and drink a glass of water after eating one.