You have a hairline fracture on your tooth, and you may be debating whether you should have that fracture restored. Well, this guide will show you why that small fracture may be dangerous and how a veneer can help restore your tooth.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Hairline Dental Fractures?

A hairline fracture on your tooth is one that is found on the surface of your enamel or might have penetrated the enamel just a bit. You might think that repairing a surface fracture of this sort is just for vanity, but the truth is it can protect you from some of the following:

Cavity Risk

The first thing you should know is that part of your enamel is compromised when you have these types of fractures. The enamel is a film that helps keep bacteria away from the inner layers of your teeth. When your enamel is weak, this can lead to cavities and tooth sensitivity. The enamel also protects your teeth from plaque, so making sure your dental specialist takes care of the fracture is important.

Further Damage

A hairline fracture has not penetrated into the dentin or exposed any of the nerves within the teeth. But you can lose your tooth or be subjected to root canals if the fracture goes deeper over time. And the strength of your tooth is also compromised with a small hairline fracture, making it a little more vulnerable to some of the following that may further the fracture:

  • Bruxism or grinding your teeth
  • Biting on hard items 
  • Blunt hits to your tooth

How A Veneer Can Help 

One of the most commonly used type of veneers is the porcelain veneer because the color blends easily with the natural color of your teeth. The way that your oral care specialist is going to deal with the hairline fracture is by first cleaning the area; then he may have to fill in the gap with dental bond if the crack is deep enough. Your dentist will then simply have to buff the zone, and apply the veneer. Think of veneers as a special type of lamination that will go over your tooth, protecting it from further damage and oral pathogens. 

As you can see, taking care of your dental fracture is not too hard and more necessary than you might have believed. So talk to your oral care specialist about taking care of this little fracture as soon as you can.