One oral health problem you should be concerned about is gum disease. You should be taking steps to keep your gums healthy, which requires a bit more than brushing and flossing. Unfortunately, you may be suffering from gum issues due to a lack of care over the years. Here are some tips for fighting gum disease

Take Medication

It is likely that you have some issues with gum pain and inflammation due to your existing issue with gum disease. It will help to take a medication that has anti-inflammatory properties, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. You will find that this helps reduce the swelling, which is how your body reacts to an infection. Swelling also slows down how fast your body heals, so taking steps to reduce swelling will help fight gum disease. Regularly taking anti-inflammatory medication can help other steps to fight gum disease be more effective as well.

Use A Water Flosser

You may be surprised at how beneficial it can be for your gums to use an electric-powered water flosser. Using one regularly can help remove all of the plaque and bacteria that can be missed by using regular dental floss. Over time, a water flosser can help reverse the symptoms of gum disease and help your mouth feel more comfortable.

The best way to use an electric water flosser is to not only get between your teeth, but also run it over the gums. You can make the water pressure less intense if you have sensitive gums, and then slowly increase the intensity as you gradually get used to the sensation.

Use A Gingival Stimulator

A gingival stimulator is a very cheap dental tool that you can purchase at a local drug store. It helps remove food and debris that is under the gumline and between your teeth. A gingival stimulator can also be used to massage your gums, which increases how much blood flows to the area. It will help reduce the swelling and inflammation, which will help fight off gum disease in its early stages.

You use a gingival stimulator by placing it at a 45-degree angle towards the gumline. Move the dental tool in a circular motion across all of your teeth. You can also run the tip of the gingival stimulator where the teeth meet the gums to help get rid of bacteria trapped in the gum pocket.

Reach out to a dentist, like those at Today's Dental Care, for more tips on how you can fight gum disease.